Parking of Automobiles in Garages and Drives

From Steve Tsapatoris, property manager.
Date February 17, 2016.

The restrictive Covenants of the Gates Homeowners Association provide that the first two (2) automobiles owned or used by the owners or residents of the dwelling shall be parked in garages. Garages shall not be used for storage or for any other purposes or uses which would result in the garage being unavailable for the parking of vehicles therein.

  1. Effective immediately the Board has voted as a Rule and Regulation that if the Owner/Resident has a 3rd vehicle it must be parked in Owner/Resident’s driveway behind their garage. If there is no space available behind the garage, the 3rd vehicle can be parked on the street. Any additional vehicles must be parked in the over-flow parking area adjacent to the gated entrance. Visitors’ vehicles may be parked in the street for no more than a 24 hour period or a 48 hour period over a weekend. The time restriction in the preceding sentence shall not apply to relatives of the Owners or Residents of the dwelling. Violation of these Rules and Regulations may result in fines against the Owner and/or towing of vehicles that are parked in violation of the Rules and Regulations, at the Owner’s expense.

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