2017 Annual Meeting

Dated December 1, 2017.
From Michelle Pinion, On-site Association Manager.
This memo accompanied the physical mail out of the meeting minutes.

Enclosed with this memo are the 2017 Harbrooke Downs annual meeting minutes. Thank you to those that attended or returned a proxy. If you have questions or concerns about the meeting please contact me at the Harbrooke Downs office at 205-345-4494.

If you are interested in taking the open spot on the board send an email to me at jmichellepinion@att.net and I will share your interest in serving with the Board. You should include your current work status, place of residence, reason for serving and anything else that may be of importance to the Board.

If you have moved or need to update any of your contact information please do so before we set up the owner email data base. Please send it to my email as listed above.

Meeting held November 18, 2017.

Those in attendance included board members John Jarmon, Wendy Grof, Bob Shaw, and Julie Brand, Warner Johnson with Duckworth Morris, Property manager Michelle Pinion, maintenance man Francisco Zambrano (Paco), Michael Turner, Diann Copeland and Cleo Kathryn Gorman.

Mr. Johnson called the meeting to order. He ask members to look over and approve last year’s minutes. Bob Shaw made a motion to accept the minutes.  John Jarmon seconded the motion and those present voted unanimously to accept the minutes as written.

Mr. Johnson spoke about the joist project next. He stated that work will start again in December with the same construction group (LEC) completing work as bid on buildings 7, 9 and 11.

Mr. Johnson said that Randy Quarles was chosen after last year’s meeting as the attorney for the Board.  Mr. Quarles has been extremely helpful with working out the Association’s issues with LEC. His guidance has allowed for the continuation of the project.

Mr. Johnson said that AFS was hired to do work on building 9 and that the project would be completed by Rescom Electric on Monday, November 20.

Mr. Johnson stated that he has talked with and shared plans for building 7 with a local contractor for the unit owner “put back” work that will need to be done in the units after work is completed by LEC at units 7A, 7B, 7E and 7F.  He stated that this is only to be given as an option to those owners and is doing it so that they will have an idea of expenses to be incurred from needed work inside the unit that will not be covered by HOA. Owners may choose whomever they like as each owner is responsible for repair work to inside of unit.

Diann Copeland ask when work will start at building 24 and how much notice she will be given. The plan as stated by Mr. Johnson is that an engineering firm had done drawings for 5 buildings. Once those buildings are completed the Board will decide how to proceed.

Mr. Johnson stated that the City of Tuscaloosa purchased property on 10th Avenue from the Association as part of a city scape project and that the HOA received funds for that purchase in the amount of $42,900.00.

Wendy Groff stated that she was in favor of a wrought iron fence along 10th Ave. as part of the 10th Ave. project.  Michelle Pinion pointed out that the neighborhood has other projects such as new awnings, new letters for the doors and that the pool is in need of repairs that could costs as much as $30,000.00.

Mr. Johnson reviewed the budget.

He discussed the hiring of Paco last year as a fulltime Duckworth Morris employee and stated he has saved the HOA a lot of money since being hired due to jobs being done for owners that then pay back into the HOA account insisted of using outside vendors.

He spoke about landscaping expenses and pool upkeep and stated that the Association will hopefully have Paco take over the  landscaping for the upcoming year and that this change should save the Association a considerable amount in comparison to the prices being paid to Shady Oaks.

Mr. Johnson spoke about an elevated water bill this year due to a leak that went undetected. He stated that the leak was underground and therefore left no visible signs of water at the surface and that it came to be known by way of a large bill being received from the water company. Michelle Pinion stated that she spoke a representative at the water department. She asked for a one time forgiveness but it was not given due it being a commercial account.

Mr. Johnson stated that each owner should be carrying a HO6 insurance policy on their units and personal possessions. The Association’s policy only covers the exterior shell of the building.

Mr. Johnson was asked if the Association fees should be increased.  Mr. Johnson said that the budget was approved by the Board and did not call for an increase.  Mr. Jarmon agreed.

Mr. Johnson made a motion to approve the budget. Motion was made by Bob Shaw and was seconded by John Jarmon. Those present voted unanimously to approve the budget as presented.

Owner, Kenneth Akalonu ask if Duckworth Morris could set up a blast email account that will inform owners of decisions being made throughout the year. Mr. Johnson said that this is already being worked on and should be up and running soon.

Mr. Johnson stated that the next item up for discussion was election of officers. He named the current officers as John Jarmon, Wendy Grof, Bob Shaw, John Robinson, and Julie Brand.  He said that he had been informed that Mr. John Robinson said that he would be willing to give up his position on the Board if someone wanted to serve. Michelle Pinion stated that she has several owners that have expressed interest but that none of them were able to attend the meeting. A motion was made to leave the board as is. It was seconded and passed unanimously. Michelle Pinion agreed to send a letter to all those that are interested in serving and have them submit a letter to the current board stating their background including place of residence. Once the Board has reviewed this another owner could be appointed to fill his position and John Robinson could resign if he so chooses.

Wendy Grof ask about unit sells and what our rental rate is at the complex. Michelle Pinion stated that anything that has been active on the market for sale has sold and that she has sold 7 this year. She also stated that the rentals are at 100% occupancy.

Mr. Johnson ask if anyone had any new business. Motion made to adjourn the meeting. Second given by all in attendance.

Meeting adjourned.

Signed Michelle Pinion, On-Site Manager