Rules and Regulations

These rules and regulations provide a summary: Declarations of the proper Association shall be the overriding governing document. Any consent or approval given under these rules and regulations by either Association shall be revocable at any time. These rules and regulations may be modified, added to, or replaced by either Association.

  1. No more than two unrelated persons may occupy or reside in, any one dwelling without the written approval of the proper Board of Directors. No more than five (5) persons may occupy or reside in any one three bedroom dwelling unit and no more than four ( 4) persons may occupy or reside in any one two bedroom dwelling unit without first obtaining the written approval of the proper Board of Directors.
  2. No more than two (2) vehicles per unit shall be parked or otherwise maintained upon the property. Commercial vehicles, boats, campers, or other recreational vehicles or equipment of any kind shall not be kept or stored on the common area, in the streets, or on any parking pad. In order to facilitate free movement of passing vehicles and for the safety of resident’s children, no automobiles belonging to residents shall be parked upon any portion of the common areas or street not designated for such purpose, except during bona fide temporary emergencies.
  3. No burning of any trash and no accumulation or storage of litter, lumber, scrap metals, refuse, boat materials, waste, new or used building materials, or trash of any kind shall be permitted on the common area. All garbage or garbage containers in garden homes shall be kept out of site except on the days of garbage collection by the City of Northport. All garbage containers shall be kept clean and odorless and left on the streets only on days of garbage collection. At the end of the day of garbage collection, all containers or remaining refuse shall be returned to the unit.
  4. No animals, livestock, or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred, or kept in a unit or in the common areas. No pets shall be allowed on the common areas unless on a leash and accompanied by the owner, the owner’s guest, employee or invitee. If a pet becomes obnoxious, it is to be corrected, or if it is not corrected, the owner upon written notice by the proper Association will be required to dispose of the animal. Pets may be walked only on the streets and area west, east, and north of the lake. Additionally, the owner must have in their possession and use a “pooper scooper”.
  5. No improvement of any kind shall be made to a patio, balcony or building exterior except such improvements as may be approved by the proper Board of Directors. Patio furniture and plants which are normally used on patios by persons in the area may be kept on the patios and balconies; provided, however, that any such furniture or plants must be kept and maintained in good condition. The proper Board may require the removal of any patio furniture or plants if such furniture or plants are not maintained or kept in good condition by the unit resident. The determination of good condition shall be made by the proper Board in its sole, absolute, and uncontrolled discretion, and any such determination shall be deemed binding, final and conclusive on all parties.
  6. Without prior written approval and the authorization of the proper Board of Directors, no exterior television or radio antennas of any sort, including a satellite dish, shall be placed, allowed, or maintained upon a lot or any portion of the improvements located upon the property.
  7. No noxious or offensive trade or activity shall be carried on in any common area or within any unit, nor shall anything be done therein or thereon which may be or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the other unit residents. Without limiting to the generality of the foregoing, no speaker, horn, whistle, siren, bell or other sound device, except such devices as may be used exclusively for security purposes, shall be located, installed, or maintained on the exterior of any unit. No owner shall make or permit any noises that will disturb or annoy the occupants of any of the units or do or permit anything to be done which will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of the other residents.