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2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

Meeting held May 14, 2014

Present were current Directors Mrs. Janice Kuykendall and Joe B. Duckworth. Also present was Ms. Kitty Streit, Property Manager.

Mr. Duckworth asked Ms. Kitty Streit, Property Manager for Duckworth-Morris which manages the Association, to review the budget from last year and what she proposed for this year. Ms. Streit said that the budget goes from April 1st to April 1st each year. She said in the last budget year, she budgeted $27,867.00 and during the year the Association paid out $28,031.00 on expenditures. Included in those numbers the pool was painted last summer at a cost to the Association of $1,983.00 which was withdrawn from the Reserve account. In addition, during the budget year the bill for janitorial services of $1,320.00 was not paid until this year, and the amount budgeted for water exceeded the budget by about $800.00, primarily due a burst water pipe during the freeze. She said she had petitioned the City of Northport for some relief but was yet to hear from them. Both of these items should be accrued and will show up in the current budget year. She said that her current budget she was recommending was $27,885.00, which is about the same she budgeted for the prior year. The pool fee would remain the same as last year, or $225.00. She reported that the Association had $5,624.00 in a Reserve savings account. There was a motion made, seconded and unanimously approved to adopt the budget she recommended. This year’s pool fee is due June 1st.

In other business, Mr. Duckworth said that the Association needs a couple of new Directors and through these Minutes was asking anyone interested to reply to this by e-mail. He thought it preferable to have one owner who lives in Northwood Estates and one owner who lives in Northwood Gardens since all pay the same annual fee. He said the Association was also looking for volunteers to be on the pool committee and they should reply in the same way if they are interested in serving.

Ms. Streit said that she was in the process of changing the code on the gate at the pool and that the new code would appear on her cover letter with these Minutes. She also requested that it would save the Association money through these mail outs if people would provide Duckworth-Morris with their e-mail address and she requested that it be sent here.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Signed Kitty Streit, Property Manager

You can see the signed PDF here.