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Minutes of the Board of Directors’ Meeting

Meeting held August 19, 2015 by conference call.

The following document is appended to the minutes as of March 15, 2016. 

Attending were Directors Amy Clark, Vince Tally and Joe B. Duckworth.  Also attending was Ms. Kitty Streit, Property Manager with Duckworth-Morris Real Estate, Association Manager.

Ms. Streit stated that she had several complaints from an adjoining neighbor regarding excessive noise and shaking as a result of weights being dropped and hitting the floor from an adjoining neighbor.  She said that the owner who owns the weights had not responded to any requests to resolve the issue and she thought it necessary to bring it to the Board’s attention for resolution.  After some discussion, it was agreed that Duckworth-Morris should write the owner a letter asking them to resolve the issue and if unresolved by a certain date that it would be turned over to the Association’s attorney.  A copy of the violation in the Restrictive Covenants was to be sent along with the letter.

Mr. Duckworth said that in the past when people were past due on their monthly fee or the annual pool charge that only a minimal interest charge was added to their fee.  The purpose was to try and avoid continual past due notices being sent out by Duckworth-Morris.  However, he said the small amount of interest charge had proven to be insufficient in deterring some owners from running a past due balance.  He stated that he would like to see a late charge of $25.00 also being charged to past due owners once they became 30 days past due.  After some discussion, it was unanimously agreed that a $25.00 late fee be charged once an account was 30 days past due.

Mr. Duckworth said that the developer was planning on adding a third street to the development in the near future and as a result the City of Northport was now requiring a retention basin for silt run off near the end of the gravel road where the existing sewer pump station is located.  The retention pond would be similar to the one next to the pool that has been maintained by the Northwood Estates and Northwood Gardens Associations even though it only served a small portion of Northwood Estates.  He said it was just a part of the overall development just as the new retention pond is and thought that both retention basins should be maintained by both Associations.

Ms. Streit said she had a request from an owner to put a storage building in their back yard.  However, she noted in the Restrictive Covenants that this was forbidden and was going to advise the owner that it could not be permitted.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Signed Kitty Streit, Property Manager.

You can see the signed PDF here.