Monthly Archives: June 2014

Estate Sales, Large Trash, and Speeding

At this time the Board would like to address a few issues that have occurred within the Association.

1) Estate Sales – The Homeowners Association Documents state that homeowners are not allowed to have sales at their residences and the Board has done their best to make sure that homeowners do not have garage sales. Over the past few years, families of deceased homeowners and homeowners who have been downsizing significantly have asked to have by appointment only estate sales. Unfortunately, the companies that have run these sales have taken advantage and they have become a problem and a nuisance. Any future sales within the neighborhood of any kind are forbidden and if they occur, the Board will fine the homeowner at least $500.00 per day plus any attorney’s fees that are incurred.

2) Large trash – The Homeowners Association had an arrangement worked out with the City where large trash items could be placed in a pile behind a fenced area near the swimming pool at the end of St. Charles Place. The City has a new Environmental Services Supervisor who has informed us that violates City Ordinance 16-90 in which his department must work under. Please do not bring any more large trash items to the pile on the St. Charles Place. Place them at the street in front of your home the evening before large trash is picked up in the neighborhood. Large trash is picked up by the City on the same day as other trash and recycling which is Thursdays. Make an effort to recycle cardboard, paper and plastic. Any contractor performing a service at your home is required by ordinance to haul off all debris. Do not allow them to leave debris in front of your home. I have included a copy of the ordinance for your review.

3) Speeding – Please slow down when you are driving within the neighborhood Management keeps receiving complaints about speeding and homeowners running Stop signs. Please reduce your speed and come to a complete stop at all Stop signs within the neighborhood before someone gets hurt.

You can view the notice in full with enclosures here.