Organizational change

From Warner Johnson, property manager, and the Reston Place Board of Directors

Dated Tuesday, August 15, 2017

This notice is to inform all Reston Place home owners that Duckworth Morris and the Reston Place HOA Board of Directors as of August 1, 2017 made the following organizational change to improve service requests that are the responsibility of the Reston Place Home Owners Association:

All owners’ service requests are to be directed to the On Site Manager, Keith Kukla, who will have the responsibility of coordinating all requests for service work.  The support staff at Duckworth Morris will no longer be involved with service requests.

Keith Kukla now has an office at Duckworth Morris and will be maintaining established office hours.  All requests for service work should be addressed to him at one of the following:

Duckworth Morris:  205-345-1810
Cell phone:  205-345-2251

Keith will now be directing the appropriate service contractor to address the appropriate service request.

Your current Reston Place HOA Board of Directors is well aware that a number of service requests have not been completed in a timely manner.  This organizational change should correct this issue.  The other services provided by Duckworth Morris will stay the same.  As always, Warner will be available for assistance.