September 2017 Newsletter

You should have received a notice of change in the organizational management structure for Reston Place effective August 2, 2017.  The on-site manager, Keith Kukla, will now have an office at Duckworth Morris Real Estate with established office hours from 9:00 a.m. to noon Monday-Friday.  All initial calls for service, information requests, etc. should go to Keith at the following phone numbers:  205-345-1810 (office) or 205-345-2251 (cell). As always, Warner Johnson will also be available for assistance.


Keith Kukla will now be directing all requests for services that are the responsibility of the Reston Place HOA.  He will be assigning the appropriate contractor to complete the service work in a timely fashion.  Your current Reston Place HOA Board of Directors is well aware that a number of service requests have not been completed in a timely manner.  This organizational change should correct this issue.


For everyone’s information, Duckworth Morris and our on-site Manager Keith Kukla are in the final stages of settling the claim with the driver’s insurance carrier.  The Board intends to replace the guardhouse in the near future, and the Board’s architectural committee is now in the initial stages of developing a plan for this replacement.


As a reminder of the Reston Place policy, the maintenance of the gutters on each house is the responsibility of the homeowner.  The Board of Directors has included in the 2017 budget a line item for payment for all gutters to be cleaned three times.  You will be notified if our gutter cleaning contractor reports to either our on-site Manager or Duckworth Morris that there is a problem with your gutters.  Gutters that are defective can cause fascia board damage requiring that any reported problem be corrected immediately.  Any additional cleaning during the year will be your financial responsibility, and we suggest that you use our current contractor for this service.


Unfortunately, due to the world we live in today, no one is exempt from crime.  As a reminder for your security and safety, please keep your doors locked (including garage and car doors).  The Board of Directors want to thank those residents that have reported unauthorized individuals at our swimming pool.  On the last two occurrences of trespassing Keith was called and reported this event to the police, and a trespassing citation was issued to those involved.  If you see unauthorized individuals in the pool area you should not confront them but should notify Keith Kukla immediately at one of the numbers listed above.  We have one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Tuscaloosa, and we appreciate your assistance in maintaining the beauty and safety of our residential area.

Claude Wright, President
Reston Place HOA Board of Directors

Keith Kukla Notes: As we approach fall I’d like to remind everyone that we will schedule the gutter cleaning when the leaves have mostly fallen.  If your gutters fill up and need additional cleaning after we finish you should call Justin Parker, 205-799-9360, and arrange to have them cleaned again at your cost.