Roofing Insurance Claim

From the Reston Place Board of Directors
Dated November 13, 2015

As many of you are aware, the Association is in the middle of resolving a large insurance claim involving hail damage to roofing within Reston Place. The claim and the Association’s insurance renewal have overlapped resulting in other insurance companies not being interested in writing the insurance on Reston Place Homeowners Association until the claim is resolved.

The Association’s current insurance carrier, Philadelphia Insurance Company, has renewed the policy but they have made changes to the deductible structure. The Association’s current deductible is $5,000 per occurrence which makes the current claim in the range of $600,000 to $700,000 with only one $5,000 deductible involved. The renewal term of the policy states the deductible is $5,000 per home for wind and hail. So, if we were to try to resolve the claim under the new deductible structure, each homeowner would be responsible for the first $5,000 of roofing for their home.

This memo from the Association’s insurance agent David Fitts explains how you can protect yourself against this $5,000 per home deductible with loss assessment coverage added to your personal HO6 policy. It is imperative that you review this memo with your personal insurance agent and make sure you have this coverage in place. 

The Board has instructed Mr. Fitts to continue to work on quotes from other companies and if we are able to secure a new policy with a better deductible structure at a reasonable price, we will cancel the current policy and make those changes. Unfortunately, until the claim is resolved and everyone knows the exact amount of the claim, it will be difficult. Other companies are hesitant to write the insurance on Reston Place until this matter is resolved.

Please know that the Board of Directors along with the insurance agent are doing everything to procure the best possible insurance coverage on your home.

If you have any questions, you can call Warner Johnson at Duckworth-Morris or David Fitts at the Fitts Agency. We understand that this is confusing, so please call if you have any questions.

Warner Johnson – (205) 345-1810
David Fitts – (205) 342-3500

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This notice is related to this meeting of the Board

2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

Meeting held March 24, 2015. 

Mr. Johnson stated that with those present and the proxies that had been returned, 111 homeowners were represented in person or by proxy and the Association documents required 162 homeowners be represented for a quorum. Mr. Johnson reminded everyone that the Association documents did allow the meeting to be adjourned and reconvened with no further notice at which time the quorum requirement would be reduced to 81. Mr. Johnson asked if there was a motion to adjourn. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to adjourn the meeting. Mr. Johnson called the second meeting to order and reported that there was a quorum for the Association to conduct business. The homeowners present introduced themselves to those in attendance at the meeting.

Mr. Johnson stated that the next item on the agenda was proof of notice of meeting or waiver of notice. He reminded everyone that a notice for the meeting was sent out within the allotted time allowed in the Homeowners Association documents and everyone had an opportunity to return a proxy. The next item on the agenda was the reading of Minutes of preceding meeting. Mr. Johnson stated that everyone was given a copy of last year’s annual meeting Minutes as they entered the meeting. He asked if there were any changes to the Minutes. A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to accept the meeting Minutes as written.

Mr. Johnson stated that the next item on the agenda was the reports of Officers. He reminded everyone that Bob Griffin was the association president but was unable to attend the meeting due to it having to be rescheduled because of the winter weather the night the meeting was originally scheduled. He called on Claude Wright to make some comments on behalf of the board. Mr. Wright said that the Reston board is very active. During the previous year members of the Board bid out the lawn care, worked on the insurance renewal, met with the city regarding lawn debris and worked on many other items with regards to the management of the association. He said that many of these items would be discussed in detail as the meeting progressed. He added that the insurance renewal was probably the most important item the board considered this year and that the board did not make that decision lightly and he felt that the best decision had been made for the homeowners by the board. A homeowner asked if they could be present at the board meetings. Mr. Johnson said that there was nothing secret about the board meetings and as they were scheduled they could be posted on the website that will be discussed later in the meeting.

Mr. Johnson called on Keith Kukla, the onsite manager, to make a report. Keith stated that he had received a lot of phone calls over the previous year and that there is really a lot more going on with the day to day operations of the association than most people realize. He said the most major change from the past was the gutter cleaning this year. He said that the gutters were being cleaned better than they ever had in the past but the schedule needed to be adjusted. He said he would be working with the contractors to figure out the best possible time for the gutter cleanings. He reminded everyone if they had any maintenance concerns he could be reached on at 205-345-2251.

Mr. Tsapatoris passed out the prior year’s budget, prior year’s actual expenditures and a proposed budget for the coming year. Mr. Johnson reported that the Association budgeted $444,043.96 without insurance and the actual expenses were $439,867.96 without insurance. Mr. Johnson proposed that the budget for 2015 be $446,466.20 without insurance. Mr. Johnson further elaborated that every line item would remain the same with the exception of the water bill due to an increase from last year. He attributed that to our lengthy dry spell in the summer months of 2014. Mr. Johnson stated that there was an insurance premium increase. He explained that the two reasons for the increase; one was that the rate was increasing which is what he has been seeing on all renewals this year across the board on all Homeowner Associations. The second reason is that we increased the coverage to get the policy to where if, unfortunately, we had a catastrophic event like April 27, 2011 and the Association had to replace the majority of the homes in Reston Place the Association would be covered. The Insurance Committee based this increase on local contractors input being that it would cost approximately $125.00 per square foot to rebuild the homes in the Association. To get to that number, the Association needed to increase the amount of coverage by $5,000,000, which would increase the annual cost including the rate increase from $154,693.00 to $174,892.00. Roughly, a $20,000 increase from years past. Mr. Johnson said that everyone would be mailed a memo with their new fee along with the annual meeting minutes.

Mr. Johnson stated that the insurance committee had met with the Association’s agent several times prior to the insurance renewal. Mr. Johnson reminded everyone that minutes to the insurance committee meeting were sent to all homeowners. Mr. Johnson said that their personal insurance needed to be written on a HO6 Policy and homeowners should have the Loss Assessment coverage on the policy increased to $5,000. In addition homeowners should have Betterments and Improvements coverage. Mr. Johnson explained that since the Association’s insurance covered the structures subject to a $5,000 deductible the HO6 policy was the best match. Mr. Johnson said that the deductible was a per occurrence deductible, so when many homes were damaged, such as in a wind storm, that deductible is divided amongst all the homeowners involved, but there were situations where a single homeowner has a claim, such as a water damage claim, so that homeowner would be responsible for the full $5,000 deductible. The Loss Assessment coverage protects the homeowner against the $5,000 deductible and is extremely cheap to add to HO6 Policy. Homeowners should make sure they have $5,000.00 in loss assessment coverage. Mr. Johnson said that some but not all policies allow the less assessment coverage to cover the deductible. Homeowners should discuss this with their individual insurance agent.   The Betterments and Improvements coverage is for improvements that have been made to the homes over the years. The Association’s policy only covers the home as they were originally built, so any upgrades, such as replacing carpets with hardwood floors or replacing the counter tops with marble, would not be covered in the event of a claim. In the event of a claim if you have hardwood floor, but the home was originally built with carpet, the insurance company would only pay to put back the carpet. Mr. Johnson stated that he would be willing to speak with anyone’s insurance agent who had questions. He said that it had been his experience that many homeowners’ insurance agents did not fully understand the Reston Place insurance situation since it was a little different and it was important that homeowners were insured properly.

Mr. Johnson stated the next topic of discussion was reference the landscaping contract that was put up for bid late last year. He stated that the association sent out a request for proposal to ten local contractors that were equipped to handle Reston Place. Those contractors were asked to send in a bid plus an equipment inventory for the board to review. However of the ten requests sent out only three contractors returned bids, the current landscaper Turfscape, McCraken’s Lawn Service, and Guthrie Landscape Services. Turfscape and McCraken’s Lawn Service bids came back almost identical, with Guthrie Landscape Services bid coming in at almost twice the amount submitted by Turfscape and McCraken. An interview was set up to meet with Turfscape and McCraken’s Lawn Service. The interview was held at the Duckworth-Morris office by Reston Place board members along with Warner Johnson and Steve Tsapatoris. The decision was made unanimously by the Reston Place Board members to stay with Turfscape.

The next topic of discussion that was discussed was reference the new ornamental fence that was installed around the pool. Mr. Johnson stated the new fence was put in place to limit the possibilities of unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the pool. Along with the new pool fence the decision was made to install wood fencing along Snow Mills Road, which would be added to the existing fence already in place on Rice Mine Road, this also to help prevent unauthorized individuals from entering into Reston Place.   With the new pool fence installed along with the addition of the fence being installed on Snow Mills Road it was encouraged to all homeowners to become vigilant and report to local authorities any suspicious activity in the neighborhood. Mr. Johnson asked Mr. Tsapatoris to elaborate on this topic being a retired Police Officer. Mr. Tsapatoris stated that approaching suspicious individuals was not advised nor what any homeowner in Reston Place needed to do. Both Mr. Johnson and Mr. Tsapatoris advised all homeowners to call 311 or 911 and just be a good witness keeping in mind giving local authorities pertinent information like good description of persons or vehicles, last known direction of travel, and if possible write all information gathered on a piece of paper.

Another topic of discussion was the new website that was up and running. It was encouraged to visit the website then click on the Association tab on the home page and then the Reston Place tab on the pull down bar. Homeowners can sign to receive notifications via email. The notifications would be communicated by email and would require an email address. The goal behind the website and notifications would be to cut cost corresponding with homeowners by reducing the amount of postage and paper that was required for a traditional mail out.   All homeowners would still have the option to receive correspondence via email or US Mail.

Mr. Johnson stated the next item on the agenda was the election of directors. He reminded everyone that the association operated with nine board members and each year at the annual meeting three board members were elected to three year terms. He said that Bob Griffin, Ryan Stallings, and Claude Wright had one year remaining on their terms and Patty Sturgis, Linda Pruett and Hal Noble had two years remaining on their terms. Tammy Denson, Dolly Anders and Rush Crawford’s terms were expiring and they had been nominated to serve new three year terms. Mr. Johnson asked if there were any nominations from the floor. Charlene Dowling and Cristalle Ford were nominated from the floor. Homeowners were passed out ballots and voted for three individuals to serve on the board. After the votes were tallied Charlene Dowling, Rush Crawford and Dolly Anders were elected to serve on the board for three years. Mr. Johnson thanked Ms. Ford for showing interest in the association matters and being willing to serve on the board. Mr. Johnson also thanked Tammy Denson for her years of service to the Association reminding everyone that she lived next to the pool and had served as the Associations eyes and ears for all things related to the pool and that he hoped she would continue to do so.

Mr. Johnson asked if there was any other business. A homeowner inquired about the establishment of a landscaping reserve stating that much of the landscaping was getting to the age where it needed to be replaced. Mr. Johnson said that there was no landscaping reserve and that it had been discussed in the past but the board did not want to add anything further to the budget this year with the insurance increase. He said that there was a capital improvement reserve and if need be funds from this reserve can be used for a major landscaping project.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

Signed Claude Wright

You can see the signed PDF copy here

Notice of Rescheduled Annual Meeting

Notice dated Match 9, 2015.
From Steve Tsapatoris, property manager.

The annual meeting of the Reston Place Homeowners Association has been rescheduled for March 24, 2015 at Indian Hills Country Club at 5:30 p.m.

Please return this proxy even if you plan to attend so that we may have a quorum for the meeting. You can mail it to the address at the bottom of the proxy or scan and e-mail it to me.

I look forward to seeing you on March 24th.

PDF version of proxy.

Notice of Annual Meeting

Notice dated February 5, 2015.
From Steve Tsapatoris, property manager.

The annual meeting of the Reston Place Homeowners Association will be held March 5, 2015 at Indian Hills Country Club at 5:30 p.m.

Please return this proxy if you plan to attend so that we may have a quorum for the meeting. You can mail it to the address at the bottom of the proxy or scan and e-mail it to me at

I look forward to seeing you on March 5th.

PDF version of notice sent by mail.
PDF version of proxy.

Board Meeting held August 7, 2014

Those present were Bob Griffin, Dolly Anders, Patty Sturgis, Tammy Denson, Warner Johnson and Steve Tsapatoris.  Mr. Johnson called the meeting to order and introduced Steve Tsapatoris to the Directors present and let them know that he had hired Mr. Tsapatoris to help him manage all the Associations that he manages.  He stated that he was not going anywhere but it had gotten to the point where he needed help with not just Reston Place but several other Associations he manages.

Mr. Johnson reported to the members of the Board present that several car break-ins had occurred over the summer and that he was aware of at least seven, including one that had occurred Wednesday night.  After a discussion, it was agreed that Mr. Johnson and Mr. Tsapatoris, who is a retired police officer, would send the homeowners an e-mail notifying them of the break-ins and Mr. Tsapatoris would advise them on the best ways to protect themselves from this crime.

Mr. Tsapatoris presented the Directors present with some paperwork from Alabama Power.  Mr. Johnson reminded them that he has been asked to put up some extra lighting on Duval Street and that is what the paperwork was for.  He also stated that it would increase the Association’s power bill by $54.80 per month.  The Directors present agreed to go ahead with the light installation and Mr. Bob Griffin signed the paperwork on behalf of the Association.

Mr. Johnson reported that Ms. Patty Sturgis had a water line leaking under her sidewalk.  The Directors present asked Mr. Johnson how issues like this had been handled in the past.  Mr. Johnson reported that when other homeowners had to dig up their yards, the Association had taken care of the landscaping but the homeowner was responsible for the plumbing repair.  Mr. Johnson reported that this case was a little different because the leak was under a very large sidewalk between two townhome carports.  He also reported that the Association was responsible for sidewalks.  After a discussion, Mr. Johnson was asked to get a quote for removing and replacing the sidewalk so Ms. Sturgis could make the necessary repairs to her water line.  Ms. Sturgis reported that the plumber could bore and replace the line under the sidewalk without disturbing it, but would like for the Association to assist her with this since it would save the Association the expense of removing and replacing the sidewalk.  Mr. Johnson and Mr. Tsapatoris were instructed to report back to the Board once they had received the bid on the sidewalk and the Board would make a decision from there.

Mr. Johnson reported that a fence was being placed behind 1721 St. Charles because Keith Kukla and others had noticed some foot traffic in this area.  The fence was being installed to try and keep people from outside the neighborhood using this as a walkway.

Mr. Johnson reported that Keith Kukla had spoken with a homeowner who had asked that their neighbor cut down a tree in their backyard.  Mr. Kukla and Mr. Tsapatoris both had visited with the homeowner and both agreed that the tree was alive and did not need to come down.  In addition, Mr. Johnson reported that there were several trees in the common area at the top of Shallow Creek Road that needed to be removed due to Pine Beetles.  He stated that once the trees were removed the area would be landscaped and some new trees would be planted.

It was reported that the deck between the pool and the lake was in serious need of repair.  Mr. Johnson stated that he, Mr. Tsapatoris and Keith Kukla had all inspected the deck and Keith Kukla had given Terry Bigham a work order to make the necessary repairs.  Mr. Johnson stated that there was a homeowner on Dauphine whose deck was in serious need of repair.  He stated that the homeowner in question would not allow him to use the contractor he had been using to repair the other decks and keeps saying that they were going to use their own contractor, but to date the repairs have not been made.  Mr. Johnson stated that he and Mr. Tsapatoris had been communicating with the homeowner and given her the allowance the Association would be willing to pay her contractor to make the necessary repairs.  He stated that it was his recommendation to the Board that she be given an allowance equal to the cost of the other decks that were similar to hers when they were replaced.  After a discussion, Mr. Tsapatoris and Mr. Johnson were instructed to write the owner and notify her that her deck was a safety issue and that she needed to have someone begin the repairs within the next 30 days.  If the repairs were not started within the next 30 days, Mr. Johnson and Mr. Tsapatoris were instructed by the Board to have a contractor make the necessary repairs.

Mr. John Wise announced that he had enjoyed his time on the Board but felt the need to step down.  He nominated Mr. Ryan Stallings to take his place.  Mr. Johnson stated that he and Mr. Wise both knew Mr. Stallings from Rotary Club and that Mr. Stallings lived on Dauphine Drive.  After a discussion, the member of the Board present accepted Mr. Wise’s resignation and voted to appoint Ryan Stallings to fulfill the rest of Mr. Wise’s term if he is willing to accept this position.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

You can view a PDF version of these minutes here

Introduction from Steve Tsapatoris

Allow me to introduce myself,  My name is Steve Tsapatoris, Warner Johnson has hired me to assist him with property management with Home Owners Associations and Reston Place is one of them.

Several vehicles have been broken into in Reston Place and Warner has asked me being a retired Police Officer to a address a crime series that has been occurring.  With the increase in auto-burglary’s in Reston Place I wanted to discuss auto-burglary suspects motives/mentality.  It has been my experience that in most cases auto-burglary is a crime of opportunity.  Meaning auto-burglary suspects prey on vulnerability and availability.

Some steps you can take to prevent becoming a victim are:  Park in lighted area’s when possible, take all valuable out of your vehicle, lock your vehicle, install a motion detection type light in your car port, install a motion censored camera.  The bottom line crime will never go away as it happens in all communities.

However following small precautionary steps can prevent your chances of becoming a victim.  From a safety/investigative stand point never approach a potential suspect, be a good witness by looking for identifiers such as scars/marks/tattoo’s, color of skin/hair/eyes, type of clothing, type of build (height/weight).  Also take a mental note of the time you last parked your vehicle and remember never to leave personal/valuable items in plain view in your vehicle.

We have contacted the Tuscaloosa Police Department reference extra-patrol.  Most importantly please remember most criminals are armed and dangerous, so please only use my information as a recommendation and feel free to contact me anytime for any questions.
Thank you,


Steve Tsapatoris

Property Manager

Estate Sales, Large Trash, and Speeding

At this time the Board would like to address a few issues that have occurred within the Association.

1) Estate Sales – The Homeowners Association Documents state that homeowners are not allowed to have sales at their residences and the Board has done their best to make sure that homeowners do not have garage sales. Over the past few years, families of deceased homeowners and homeowners who have been downsizing significantly have asked to have by appointment only estate sales. Unfortunately, the companies that have run these sales have taken advantage and they have become a problem and a nuisance. Any future sales within the neighborhood of any kind are forbidden and if they occur, the Board will fine the homeowner at least $500.00 per day plus any attorney’s fees that are incurred.

2) Large trash – The Homeowners Association had an arrangement worked out with the City where large trash items could be placed in a pile behind a fenced area near the swimming pool at the end of St. Charles Place. The City has a new Environmental Services Supervisor who has informed us that violates City Ordinance 16-90 in which his department must work under. Please do not bring any more large trash items to the pile on the St. Charles Place. Place them at the street in front of your home the evening before large trash is picked up in the neighborhood. Large trash is picked up by the City on the same day as other trash and recycling which is Thursdays. Make an effort to recycle cardboard, paper and plastic. Any contractor performing a service at your home is required by ordinance to haul off all debris. Do not allow them to leave debris in front of your home. I have included a copy of the ordinance for your review.

3) Speeding – Please slow down when you are driving within the neighborhood Management keeps receiving complaints about speeding and homeowners running Stop signs. Please reduce your speed and come to a complete stop at all Stop signs within the neighborhood before someone gets hurt.

You can view the notice in full with enclosures here.