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2015 Annual Meeting Minutes

Meeting held on February 5, 2015.

Mr. Joe Duckworth, a Director of the Association and Principal with Duckworth-Morris Realty, the Association Manager, called the meeting to order.  He said everyone was given a copy of the budget.  He pointed out that actual expenditures for 2014 were less than budgeted for a couple of reasons.  The Association maintains a Reserve Account which is funded by removing $153.00 per month and depositing it into a Reserve Account, the purpose being a contingency account to cover shortfalls in the budget.  Mr. Duckworth said that there had been shortfalls in the 2013 budget and 2014 budget and withdrawals were made twice in 2014 from the Reserve account which show up as a credit.  Also, the Ridges Association paid for security upgrades on the security camera in 2013 and received a check from The Gates 50% in 2014 that showed up as a credit.  All in all, he thought actual expenditures in 2014 were close to the amount budgeted for 2014.  He said that the Directors increased the budget a small amount for 2015 to help cover increases in the common area account for irrigation maintenance, fountain maintenance and tree removal which would cause the fee to go up $1.50 per month.  He said the direct cost, which was primarily grounds upkeep for each home, was not increasing, so there was no need to increase the budget for that expenditure.  Therefore, the Directors had voted to increase the monthly fee for homes from $163.50 per month to $165.00 per month and on vacant lots, from $40.69 per month to $41.98 per month, both becoming effective March 1st.

In other discussion, Dr. Mills asked Warner Johnson to discuss the contract with the lawn care firm, TurfScape, in regards to taking bids.  Mr. Johnson said that he had taken bids about three years ago and TurfScape was the low bidder again.  In addition, he said he had recently bid out another Association’s contract much larger than the Ridges contract and that TurfScape was low on that one, so he felt that TurfScape price at the Ridges was very competitive and it was not necessary at this point to rebid that contract.  He said that normally he would not rebid contracts frequently so long as their service was satisfactory and their price did not change.

Mr. Johnson said in order to save the Association money as well as being able to provide immediate notification of things of interest to Ridges owners, Duckworth-Morris has updated their web site,, for owners to get mailings, notifications and even Restrictive Covenants.  After going to main page click on Associations’ tab and then the Ridges on the drop down tab and go from there.  In order to receive notifications, Duckworth-Morris needs everyone’s email address and if you were unable to attend tonight’s meeting, please send it to  However, if you prefer to receive a hard copy, please call Mrs. Patrick at Duckworth-Morris 205-345-1810 and let her know this.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

Signed Joe B. Duckworth, Director

You can see the signed PDF here.