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Annual Homeowners Meeting

Meeting Held on February, 25, 2016.

Mr. Warner Johnson of Duckworth-Morris Realty called the meeting to order. He introduced Mr. Steve Tsapatoris who works with him at Duckworth-Morris and Joe Duckworth, of Duckworth-Morris. Mr. Johnson said he, along with Joe Duckworth and Dr. Jim Mills, were also Directors of the Association.

Mr. Johnson passed out the budget for the coming year previously approved by the Board. He stated that common area costs budgeted for the prior year were pretty much in line with expenditures except there was an area behind a couple of homes built in the last year whereby there was grass that needed cutting. The result of this small additional cost was going to increase the common area cost from $41.98 to $42.89 per month. This meant that if you only owned a lot the fee on the common area would increase to $42.89 per month effective April l st. He said the cost of maintaining the landscaped areas around the homes decreased slightly because the agreement with the lawn service contractor provided a floating amount based on the cost of fuel. Since the cost of fuel had decreased dramatically in the past several months, the Board budgeted a slightly less amount for lawn care for the coming year which actually offset the cost of the common area small increase. Therefore, the monthly Association fee for owners with homes on their lot will remain the same at $165.00 per month.

In other discussion, a question was raised about the status of an acceleration lane coming out at the entrance on Rice Mine Road. Mr. Johnson said there had been discussion in the past with the City, but as of yet nothing definitely has materialized. He did say he would contact Mrs. Cynthia Almond, the Councilwoman for the Ridges District, and see if lie could get some dialog going again.

There was a question raised about possible upgrades along the road between Rice Mine Road and the Gates entrance. Mr. Johnson said there is a committee of both the Gates and Ridges owners that oversees this area and lie would have them look at this. Another question was raised about mulching earlier in the winter. Mr. Johnson said lie would talk with the landscape firm and see if they could do the Ridges first next year.  Another question was raised about For Sale signs not being allowed in the Covenants. Mr.

Johnson said to change that would require the approval of 2/3’s of all owners. He was asked to have the Board revisit that issue and he said he would. Mr, Tsapatoris said that there was a break-in of a vehicle recently in Wellington whereby the car had been left unlocked and certain personal items taken. He strongly suggested that everyone keep their vehicles locked. In Wellington’s case he thinks the suspect has been taken into custody.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Signed Steve Tsapatoris, Property Manager.

PDF version available here.