Homeowners Association Annual Meeting

Held January 27, 2015 at Indian Hills Country Club

 The Rivermont Homeowners Association Annual Meeting was held on Monday, January 27, 2015. Kitty Streit, the Property Manager, representing Duckworth Morris Real Estate, introduced herself to the Homeowners. She asked everyone to sign in, and then asked everyone to introduce themselves. Those present were: Loie Robinson, C.D. and Genie Elliott, Christine Dietsch, Debbie Lee, Donna and Gary DeLoach, Mitzi Toxey, Dick Dickinson, Frances Griffin, Billye Youngblood, Ray and Camille Brignac, Linda and Don Clarke, Willard Wyatt, Margaret Ann Corbett, S. J. Garner, Virginia Woollen, Linda and Phil Grote, Joe Powell, Barbara Kucharski, Camille Cochrane, Jerri White, Jackie Drew, and Edward and Lori Hubbard.

Kitty Streit called the meeting to order, but it was noted that we did not have a quorum present. Thus, in accordance with the Association Documents the meeting was adjourned and then re-convened. Under this procedure, one half of the required quorum at the preceding meeting would constitute a quorum. Based on those present, either in person or by proxy, it was determined that a quorum was present and the meeting was again called to order and preceded.

Kitty asked everyone to review the minutes from last year’s Annual Meeting, a copy of which was provided to all Homeowners present. A motion was made from the floor to accept the Minutes from last year’s Annual Meeting as written. Gary Deloach seconded the motion, and the Motion was approved unanimously.

Kitty introduced the Board of Directors, including the current president of the Board, Gary Deloach.

Gary discussed the River Pump and Fountain Pump, and the fact that the Fountain Pump was replaced during 2014. He also discussed the fact that the Fountain Pump was now only running approximately 12 hours each day as opposed to 24 hours as it had in 2013. He noted that this had saved several hundred dollars in electrical costs. He also noted that maintenance and operations of the pumps and sprinkler system are some of the major expenses of our Association. One of the residents asked if the Board would review the timer for the Fountain pump, and consider running it from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Gary agreed to discuss this with the Board.

Gary next discussed the Sprinkler system, and that the Board of Directors of Rivermont is currently reviewing long range plans regarding the sprinkler system. He said the Board is looking at several different options regarding the Sprinkler System.

Gary next addressed the Maintenance Fees for 2015. He stated that the Budget that the Board adopted for 2015 will not raise the dues for the either the Executive Homes or Garden Home Homeowners.

Gary reminded all residents not to put lawn clippings into either of the Lakes, as this will clog up the system and cost the Association several hundred dollars to correct this problem. He asked the Homeowners to remind their lawn care people of this matter also so as to prevent this from becoming a problem.

Gary noted that last year a resident had requested the cattails around the lake be removed. He reported that this had now been done.

Gary reported that no large capital expenditures had been made in 2014, and that the Reserve Account had a balance of $8,196.00. He said he would like to gradually increase the balance in the Reserve Account to at least $10,000.00.

Loie Robinson next reported that she was working on a project to replace the signs at Rivermont. She stated that she hoped to have this project completed soon.

Kitty Streit next reminded the Homeowners that prior to commencing any construction projects affecting the exterior of their homes; they must make the Architectural Review Committee aware of the project and obtain its approval. Please contact Kitty with any plans for such construction projects.

Kitty next discussed the 2015 Budget that was approved by the Rivermont Board of Directors at their meeting January 20, 2015. She handed out a sheet titled “Rivermont 2014 Actuals – 2015 Budget”. She stated that actual expenses in 2014 were $81,000.69 and that this was under budget approximately $775.00. She said that our 2014 expenses included significant costs related to replacing and repairing the Fountain Pump and River Pump. Kitty reviewed the 2015 Budget of $81,774.96 and stated the Association Fees each month would remain the same for both the Executive Homes ($53.50) and the Garden Homes ($126.50). Finally, she reminded all residents that the Association Fees are due on the first of each month.

Kitty next discussed the election of officers to fill 2 expiring terms on the Board of Directors. She stated that the Board of Directors had previously met and the Board was recommending that Tony Hubbard and Debbie Lee be nominated to fill the two positions on the Board. A motion from the Floor to nominate Tony Hubbard and Debbie Lee was made and seconded. Kitty asked if there were any other nominations from the floor and none were made. A subsequent motion was made to close the nominations. Kitty asked for a show of hands from the homeowners in favor of electing Tony Hubbard and Debbie Lee to the two positions available on the Board of Directors and the Motion carried by a significant majority of those present with no abstentions.

Kitty next reminded the Homeowners that if any street lights were out or not working properly to let her know. She asked that all such notices or notices of any complaints be made in writing to her at kitty.streit@duckworth.com.

Kitty noted that she had been asked to remind the residents of the homes in Rivermont to keep their yards raked regularly. She also reminded all residents to put their trash and yard debris out on Wednesday evening before the trash pickup on Thursday morning.

Kitty stated that if anyone wanted a copy of the Restrictive Covenants, Bylaws or Articles of Incorporation for Rivermont, to email their request to her. She also reminded everyone that a copy of the Rules and Regulations were available at the sign-in table at the Annual Meeting. She further reminded everyone that all Association Fees are due on the 1st day of each month and that Direct Deposit forms are available for anyone interested in paying their fees by Direct Deposit.

Debbie Lee stated that she had prepared an updated Rivermont Directory and that the Rules and regulations were included in the updated Directory. The Directory was made available at the meeting.

Gary Deloach stated that he would plan to attend the City Council meeting on March 4, 2015, and ask about re-paving Rice Mine Road. He also reminded all Homeowners that we are in District 3 of the City Council and that our representative is Cynthia Almon. He suggested that everyone consider encouraging her to have Rice Mine Road repaved.

One of the residents asked the board to consider re-painting the guard house, and Gary agreed to review this issue as well as possible changes to the entrance area with the Board.

Gary reminded the Homeowners that nonresidents must be accompanied by a resident when fishing in the Lake. Kitty stressed the importance of being polite when questioning non-residents about fishing in the Lake.

Kitty thanked Gary for his hard work related to pumps, fountain and the lakes at Rivermont.

There being no further business to come before the Homeowners, the Annual Meeting of the Rivermont Homeowners Association was adjourned.

Signed Edward Hubbard, Secretary.

No PDF copy is available at this time.