Annual Meeting

Meeting held January 29, 2015.

Ms. Kitty Streit called the meeting to order by introducing herself, and then introduced Billie Davidson, the on-site Resident Manager at River Road Terrace. She asked those present to introduce themselves and state where they lived.

Ms. Streit announced that according to the By-Laws and Restrictive Covenants for River Road Terrace, a quorum consists of a majority of the membership represented by proxy or those present. With those present and the proxies returned 59.273% of the Association was represented constituting a quorum.

Ms. Streit stated the By-Laws require notice of the Annual Meeting be mailed thirty (30) days prior to the meeting to each member of the Association stating time, place, and purpose of the meeting. A notice of the meeting was mailed to all owners on record December 28, 2014.

Ms. Streit read the minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting.  A motion was made, seconded and passed unanimously to accept the minutes as read.

Ms. Streit introduced the Board of Directors: Mr. Ray Pradat, President, Dr. Joseph Lammers, Mr. Jim Jones, Mr. Jerry Duncan and Ms. Teresa Lewis. Mr. Ray Pradat, Board of Directors President gave his report.

Committee reports: Budget: Ms. Streit reviewed the income and expenditures for 2014, along with the Budget for 2015 that was approved by the Board of Directors at their meeting on January 15, 2015. The income received over the past year was $86,316.21, Association fees ($85,403.50), rent received for Dr. Fox’s office ($750.00).   She stated that there are several people that are in arrears in their fees, and will be turned over to our attorney in the near future if they are not paid. Once a unit owner is turned over to an attorney, they (the unit owner) will deal directly with the attorney until all fees are paid. This includes attorney fees.

The actual expenditures for 2014 were $ 100,984.72. She stated, adding back the income from the office space brings the total of the expenditures down to $ 100,234.72.   Reviewing the following line items: Insurance was over the projection, due to an increase in our policy; Grounds Upkeep up by $ 636.04; Pool expenses were up because we bought a new heater, had the walls, ceiling and pool repainted and repaired the separation to the outside wall; Security Equipment up by $ 171.32; Elevators, up by $ 239.58; Inspections & Licenses were down on our projection by $ 24.00; Utilities down by $ 1,978.79, along with Dumpster service up $ 34.68; Property Management, “On-Site” Resident Manager, Entrance Upkeep, remained as projected and Telephone over by $570.04 and Accounting/Legal/Taxes under by $ 4.00. Capital Improvements expense was the drainage project in the back of the building.

The Budget for 2015: Line items were adjusted: Insurance, $ 18,353.00; Grounds, $ 4,500.00; Pool, $ 1,000.00; Security Equipment, $ 400.00; Elevators, $ 3,500.00; Inspections/License, $ 500.00; Utilities, $ 16,500.00; Dumpster, $ 3,000.00; Management to $ 7,560.00; Misc. Repair & Expense, $ 7,500.00; “On-site Res. Manager” $ 8,658.00; Entrance upkeep, $ 1,500.00; Reserves at $ 10,500.00; Telephones, $ 4,000.00; and Accounting, $ 886.00. This makes the total of projected expenditures $ 87,907.00. The bottom line for your 2015 Budget is $ 87,907.00. The percentages are located above your assessment figures on the budget printout. Fees’ will slightly increase beginning March 1, 2015. One (1) bedroom unit’s Association fees will be$ 138.00/month and the 2 Bedroom units will be $ 202.00/month.

Election of Officers: Ms. Streit stated that River Road Terrace has a total of five Board of Directors, they serve from Annual Meeting to Annual Meeting and must be owners of a unit. Each board member, were asked, if they were willing to serve again. Ray Pradat, Jim Jones, Jerry Duncan and Teresa Lewis stated that if elected they would be willing to serve. Dr. Lammers stated that he is unsure as to when he will be coming back to town and would be unable to serve again. Kitty Streit thanked Dr. Lammers for all the work he has done for River Road Terrace over the years and wishes him the very best and stated that he will be and is missed. Nominations were taken from the floor: Ray Pradat, Jim Jones, Jerry Duncan, Teresa Lewis, and Deborah Hunter were elected to serve for the 2015 year as Board of Directors.

Unfinished Business:  Kitty Streit reported that we had hired an engineering firm to investigate the drainage problem in the back of the building. They have installed a French drain and we believe the problem has been fixed. We will be looking into landscaping the area.

There was a discussion concerning two (2) vehicles that appear to be inoperable because they are unlicensed. Ms. Streit stated that she was just given the information today on the vehicles in question and the owners do live in River Road Terrace. She will investigate the Declaration of Condominium documents for any violation and report back to the Board of Directors.

Ms. Streit reported that there were still reports of pets being in the building that are not allowed. She then read Rule #12 which reads; “As of July 1, 2010, residents may have in their condo unit ONLY one (1) indoor cat. However, this cat must remain within the individual condo unit and is not to be permitted in any interior nor exterior common area of the property. NO other animals or pets, including dogs, may be permitted on the River Road Terrace property. Any resident, whether the resident is an owner or a tenant who violates this rule shall be fined $500.00 per month during the period that the violation continues”. Fine for a pet violation was established June 6, 2012 by the Board of Directors.

Ms. Streit stated that Rule #1 needs to be addressed by owners that lease their property. “The facilities of River Road Terrace, a condominium, are for the use of unit owners and their tenants, guests and invitees. These Rules and Regulations shall apply to all unit owners and their tenants, guests and invitees. Owners shall provide in their leases with their Tenants that the Tenants and their guests and invitees are subject to these Rules and Regulations.” All owners renting their property at River Road Terrace should have in place this policy within their leases.

Leaks in River Road Terrace: It was reported there were several leaks over the year and some repairs remain to be completed. The Board of Directors would like for the “on-site manager” to check all HVAC common lines twice yearly. This is to prevent stopped up lines causing leaks to other units. Owners should have their HVAC units serviced to make sure they are clean andworking properly. Washer lines should also be checked yearly along with water heaters and ice maker lines. Preventive maintenance keeps costs down for all concerned.

Ms. Streit was asked by the Board of Directors to announce: Any time there is a complaint it must be made in writing and signed. This means board members and homeowners alike. Once a complaint is received in writing and signed it will be addressed. The Board of Directors will no longer act on hearsay.

New Business: Ms. Streit asked if everyone has a copy of their Documents: By-Laws, Articles of Incorporation, and Declaration of Condominium of River Road Terrace, A Condominium. If someone does not have these documents, she invited them to come by Duckworth-Morris at 1312 Greensboro Avenue and take her copy to Kinko’s and have a copy made, returning her copy back to the office or e-mail her at kitty@ and she would e-mail a copy upon request. Each new owner is to pass their documents on to the new owner when the unit is sold.

Ms. Streit announced all doors for the pool and the parlor doors going outside to the patio are on the alarm system. If opened after 11:00 p.m. the alarm will go off. When the alarm is set, please do not open these doors as it is disturbing to the entire building as well as, Alabama Protective, Property Management and the Tuscaloosa Police Department and Fire Departments.

No more than two (2) unrelated persons may occupy or reside in any one (1) unit. All units that are leased must be for a minimum of six (6) months and a copy of any lease is to be given to the Association Management office. Unit owners shall be responsible for payment of any fine assessed by the Board of Directors of the Homeowners Association to their tenants. She stated it is the responsibility of an owner to educate their tenants to the Rules and Regulations at River Road Terrace.

Ms Streit stated payments are due by the first of the month and are delinquent if not paid in thirty (30) days. The condominium owner, if delinquent, is subject to a lien on the property and will be responsible for all attorney fees and court costs.

No further business being before the members, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting and was carried. Ms. Streit adjourned the meeting.


Signed Ray Pradat, President

No signed copy is available at this time.