2018 Annual Meeting

Held on June 5, 2018

The annual meeting of the Townes of North River Homeowners’ Association was called to order by Mr. Warner Johnson, Property Manager with Duckworth Morris.  The members of the Association who were present were all asked to introduce themselves.  After introductions were made, Jim Yerkes (Board of Directors member) introduced himself and spoke briefly about the budget issues specific to the garden home neighborhoods and the adjustments that had been made to the landscaping costs.

With all present officers having reported, the floor was opened for comments.  On-street parking and golf carts were the central focus of the discussion.  The specific definitions within the Covenant were discussed and the topic of garage spaces being reserved only for parking was discussed further.  Children driving golf-carts was discussed as this practice has become a noted hazard for drivers in the neighborhood.  All motor vehicles operated on a public street must be street legal and operated by a licensed driver.  Many Association Members expressed concern in regards to the matter.  Mr. Johnson assured the members that Tuscaloosa Police had been made aware of the matter, and that he and Mr. Richardson would continue to partner with the Association and Tuscaloosa PD to ensure lawful good order on the streets in the Townes.  Common area maintenance in regards to trees and landscaping was addressed.  Mr. Richardson addressed Association Members’ concerns individually after the meeting.  Concerns related to construction, especially trash and roll-off dumpsters on the street, were addressed.  Builders have been advised to place trash receptacles and roll-off dumpsters out of the way of normal traffic to the extent possible.  Garbage in the parks was discussed, along with cut-off times for events.

Mr. Johnson walked the members through the 2018 Budget that can be found online at Duckworth.com/associations.  Direct costs to the Garden Homes, cash-on-hand, and reserve balances were discussed after Common Area expenses and budget goals were addressed.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Minutes prepared by:
Seth Richardson
Duckworth-Morris Realty, Inc.
Property Manager

Fines for Rules Violations

From the Townes of North River Board of Directors

Any Owner who is believed to be in violation of the Declaration of Easements, Covenants, and Restrictions and/or the Rules and Regulations, shall be given notice and an opportunity to be heard. After such notice, the Association shall have the right to assess fines, up to the maximum amount allowed by law, and restrict the Owner’s use of the Commons.

The following is the schedule for rules enforcement effective August 1, 2018:

  • First Offense – a form letter from Duckworth-Morris Realty, Inc. (Property Manager) will be mailed to the member in violation briefly explaining the offense and listing subsequent actions, with timeline, should no timely corrective measures be taken.
  • Second Offense – a form letter from Duckworth-Morris Realty, Inc. will be mailed to the member in violation referencing the first offense, assessing a fine of $100, and providing a subsequent timeline, should no timely corrective measures be taken.
  • Third Offense – a form letter from Duckworth-Morris Realty, Inc. will be mailed to the member in violation referencing the prior offenses, assessing an additional fine of $250, and providing a subsequent timeline, should no timely corrective measures be taken.
  • Fourth Offense – The Association’s legal counsel will be engaged to take action on the Association’s behalf against the offending member. The Association’s attorney will notify resident of actions to be taken and that the owner/member is also liable for all associated legal costs.

Please contact Seth Richardson at Duckworth-Morris Realty, Inc. with any questions or to report a violation of the Covenant. He can be reached at 205-345-1810 or via e-mail.

Christmas Garbage Dumpsters

The board will be providing 6 dumpsters at the back of the neighborhood for your excess Christmas garbage. These dumpsters are NOT to be used as Christmas Tree disposal. Please place your Christmas Trees on your curb for the City of Tuscaloosa to pick up for recycling. Also, please do NOT use contractors dumpsters on homes being built, these dumpsters are NOT for personal home garbage, Christmas Tree dumping or Christmas excess garbage.

Ding Dong Ditching

In recent weeks we have had problems with children Ding, Dong Ditching around Founder’s Park. The management company has been provided videos of children ding, dong and ditching as well as pulling wires on homeowners cameras; this now becomes an issue of criminal activity when someone enters onto private property and destroys personal property. The board is asking for each homeowner to speak with their children in regards to this matter. The next step would be for the homeowners to call the police, release the videos and have the police handle this matter.

Rezoning Notice

The City of Tuscaloosa Zoning has sent out this Rezoning Notice to all property owners in and around the North of the River Area in regards to a new development of a Senior Care and Dementia Facility planned for the area. A meeting is scheduled for December 18, 2017 at 5:00 pm at the City Council Chambers.

Sherri Townsend
Homeowners Association Property Manager

Annual Meeting Minutes

Held on March 10, 2016.

The meeting was called to order and Mr. Warner Johnson introduced himself along with Steve Tsapatoris as Property Manager’s with Duckworth-Morris. Mr. Johnson said there had been some changes to Duckworth-Morris Real Estate that he wanted everyone to know about due to some confusion. Duckworth-Morris along with some other investors bought a Keller Williams franchise. All of the Duckworth-Morris sales agents have moved into the Keller Williams office. Duckworth-Morris Property Management and development will continue to operate as they always have from the downtown location. He stated that the Association was still currently under developer control and that the Association documents allowed for it to remain under developer control until all but five lots or parcels had been sold by the developer. He reminded everyone that the developer had put Mr. Max Morton, a homeowner, on the Board as well. Mr. Johnson stated that when any decisions regarding the Association needed to be made he contacted both Chris Hayslip and Max Morton. Mr. Johnson said the basic agenda would be to review the budget and discuss issues that had been brought to his attention and then allow homeowners to ask any questions they may have.

Mr. Tsapatoris passed out last year’s annual meeting minutes as well as the 2015 expenditures and 2016 budget prior to the meeting starting. Mr. Johnson stated that the total budgeted for 2015 was $261,129.64 and the total spent was $244,156.23. Mr. Johnson further stated that the Association’s budget was split into three separate sections. The first is the cost to upkeep the common areas, the second is the direct cost to the garden homes and the third is the direct cost to the townhomes. Mr. Johnson that everything was within budget and the annual fees would remain the same. The only change would be a reduction in the monthly fee for the garden homes that pay for the landscaping service for the front yard through the association. Mr. Johnson stated that the garden homes last year’s cost was $74.50 and would be reduced to $64.50. This fee change has already taken place and everyone in the garden home sections should already be paying the new reduced fee. Mr. Johnson also stated that the projected income for 2016 was $264,129.64. Mr. Johnson said that as of the end of February the Association had $137,966.95 in cash in the account and $19,132.00 in the townhomes paint and roof reserves. He also reported that there was $6,500.00 in the detention pond reserve and $4,333.38 in the commons reserve. Mr. Johnson also reported that in other neighborhoods he managed the developer paid the cost of purchasing and installing the light poles and then the Power Company charged a monthly bill to the Association which included the power and upkeep of the poles. He stated that the Power Company had changed their policy and now the cost of the future maintenance of the poles had to be paid for upfront. He reported that the developer had paid for future light pole maintenance and that the Association was paying him back as funds were available. He said the association owes the developer $89,289.41 for the future light pole maintenance.

Mr. Johnson said that the townhomes in addition to the lawn care and management, fee paid for water for the sprinkler system, paint reserve, roof reserve and the insurance on the structures. There is also some general maintenance money budgeted for items that the Association is responsible for repairing. He said that four townhomes had been added and that the newer ones were slightly smaller which meant the insurance was less. There are now two fees for the Townhomes. The older larger units will continue to pay $266.00 per month and the newer smaller Townhomes fees are $225.00 per month.

Mr. Johnson discussed the request of yield signs being replaced with stop signs. Mr. Johnson explained that we as Property Managers or the Developer do not have the authority to change yield signs to stop signs and that TDOT was currently doing a study on changing the signs. Mr. Johnson did request that all homeowner’s make us aware of any homeowner driving reckless in the neighborhood, however first call 911 or 311 to report traffic violations. Mr. Tsapatoris explained that it will take constant calling of 311/911 to get the local Police Department to conduct traffic enforcement in the community. Mr. Johnson also stated that there were surveillance cameras at the entry to the neighborhood. He said a request to install signage about the video surveillance had been received and sign had been ordered to be installed.

Mr. Johnson stated that the developer would be installing park benches in the neighborhood and that they should be installed any day. He also reported the board had decided not to install dog waste receptacles. A homeowner present questioned the board’s decision. Mr. Johnson said every dog owner know they are responsible for picking up their waste and should provide their own supplies to do so. The installation of the pet station would create something else the association to maintain and would be another expense for all the homeowner’s not just the pet owners. Mr. Johnson also reminded everyone that the parks are for homeowner’s and a reasonable number of guests. They were never intended to be used for organized sporting teams to use for their practices. This causes an inordinate amount of wear and tear plus causes liability issues. Please do not invite your child’s youth teams to practice in the Townes common areas.

A homeowner present addressed the Facebook page. They felt that homeowners complaining about neighbors and using individuals names in post was not good decorum. In addition some of the items on the Facebook page they felt were damaging to the neighborhood as a whole. Mr. Johnson said he had spoken to several people who were not associated with The Townes of North River in any way who were asking him about information they had seen on the Facebook page. The information that he had been asked about was not positive for the neighborhood. Everyone was asked to think before they make a post and if you have an issue with a neighbor to take it up with them personally and not publicly. Mr. Johnson added the management does not communicate with homeowners through the Facebook page. Homeowner’s will be emailed directly from management if there is an issue.

Another topic of discussion was the website. It was encouraged that homeowners visit the website Duckworth.com then click on the Association tab on the home page and then The Townes tab on the pull down bar. Homeowners can sign to receive notifications via email. The notifications would be communicated by email and would require an email address. The goal behind the website and notifications would be to cut cost corresponding with homeowners by reducing the amount of postage and paper that was required for a traditional mail out.   All homeowners would still have the option to receive correspondence via email or US Mail.

A homeowner present asked about a pool. Mr. Johnson stated to do the pool correctly would cost several hundred thousand dollars. It would require a special assessment and a yearly fee increase. He stated he managed several homeowners associations with pools and in his opinion it would have to be an all or nothing amenity. If the pool were left up to a voluntary membership it would be difficult to budget for and there would be no guarantees that the funds necessary to correctly operate the pool would be available. He added that policing who should or should not have access would be difficult. He was sure it would be very tough for homeowners who paid to be members to keep the children of homeowners who did not pay from using the pool.

Mr. Johnson stated that he would recommend homeowners that maintained their own yard have their yards treated with weed control and fertilizer. He said he could ride through the neighborhood and see who was having this done and who was not. He reported that Alan Channell with TLC 205-553-7111 provides those services for the common areas and garden homes. Homeowners may use the contractor of their choice for this service. A homeowner present stated he had used the service and it was not expensive and it had dramatically improved the appearance of his lawn.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Signed Warner Johnson, property manager.

Holiday Dumpsters

To accommodate the holiday trash accumulation, there will be dumpsters in the neighborhood for your use tomorrow through December 28th. Remember to flatten boxes and other trash as much as possible.

Two dumpsters have been placed at the following locations:

  • Founder’s Park South
  • Yorkshire Lane (next to the gate on the dead end street)

Please pass the word along to other neighbors who may not see this notice.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Rules and Regulations

From Steve Tsapatoris, property manager.

Here is a list of some of the use restrictions found throughout the pages of The Townes of North River association documents that you can refer to without having to go through the entire documents.  However, the original document is the final word and should be referred to if clarification is needed on subject.

You can find a PDF version of these rules and regulations here and under the Governance page. The emphasis is ours and pay special attention to orange text.

  1. Any changes to the exterior of your home should be approved by the Board of Directors, which acts as the Architectural Control Committee. A drawing along with details, such as color and exterior building material finishes should be provided to the Board so that they may make an informed decision about the proposed changes to the exterior of your home.
  2. Each dwelling should provide parking for at least two automobiles in garages. All automobiles owned or used by the owner or occupant of any dwelling and the respective family members shall be parked in garages to the extent that garage space is available. GARAGES SHALL NOT BE USED FOR STORAGE OR FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSES OR USES, WHICH WOULD RESULT IN THE GARAGE BEING UNAVAILABLE FOR PARKING OF VEHICLES.
  3. Appropriate window treatments shall be used on all windows. Sheets, bed linens, blankets, paper or plastic bags are not appropriate window treatments.
  4. No satellite dishes (other than satellite dishes of a diameter no greater than 24″, which are not visible from a street and which may be approved by the Architectural Control Committee) shall be allowed on any lot or dwelling. No radio antenna, radio receiver or other similar device or ariel shall be attached to or installed on any lot or dwelling.
  5. No furniture shall be placed, kept, installed, maintained or located in or on the front or side yards or areas of a lot or dwelling. Any furniture placed, kept, installed, maintained or located at the rear of or behind a dwelling shall, to the greatest extent practicable be located so that the same shall not be visible from any street.
  6. Wood piles shall be located only at the rear of a dwelling and shall be screened from view by appropriate landscaping or Architectural Control Committee approved fencing from streets and, to the extent practicable, from adjacent lots and dwellings.
  7. Children’s toys, swing sets, jungle gyms, trampolines and other outdoor recreational equipment and appurtenances shall not be permitted on any lot unless prior approval in writing is obtained from the Architectural Control Committee and the same obstructed from the view of any street by appropriate Architectural Control Committee approved fencing or landscaping.
  8. Free standing playhouses and tree houses shall not be permitted unless the same are pre-approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee and are obstructed from the view of any street by appropriate Architectural Control Committee approved fencing or landscaping.
  9. Basketball goals or backboards shall not be permitted unless the same are not visible from a street and are prior approved by the Architectural Control Committee.
  10. Outside clothes lines or other outside facilities for drying or airing clothes shall be prohibited on any lot or swelling unless such clothes lines or other facilities are screened by appropriate landscaping from view from any street and from any adjacent lot or dwelling. No clothing, rugs or other items shall be hung, placed or allowed to remain on any railing, fence or wall.
  11. Barbecue grills or other types of outdoor cooking equipment and apparatus shall be located only at the rear of a dwelling (or within a courtyard) and to the extent practicable shall not be visible from the street.
  12. Birdfeeders, wood carvings, plaques and other types of home crafts shall not be permitted in the front or side yards of any lot or dwelling nor shall any of the foregoing items be attached to the front or side of any dwelling. All bird feeders, wood carvings, plaques or other types of home crafts shall be located at the rear of a dwelling (or within a courtyard) and shall, to the extent practicable, not be visible from any street.
  13. No animals, livestock, reptiles, birds or poultry of any kind shall be kept, raised or bred by any owner upon any lot or dwelling or other portion of the property; provided, however, that not more than a combination of three dogs or cats may be kept and maintained on a lot so long as they are not kept for breeding or commercial purposes. No pets shall be allowed to make an unreasonable amount of noise or become a nuisance. No structure or area for the care, housing or confinement of any pet shall be constructed or maintained on any part of the common areas or a townhouse lot. Further, all structures or areas shall be only located on an Estate lot or a Carriage lot at the rear of a dwelling, shall not be visible from any street and shall be constructed of materials and of a size approved by the Architectural Control Committee. DOGS AND CATS SHALL NOT BE ALLOWED TO ROAM UNATTENDED WITHIN THE DEVELOPMENT. All dogs shall be kept and maintained without a fenced or walled area on a lot or dwelling, as approved by the Architectural Control Committee or otherwise under leash and accompanied by the dog’s owner of other attendant. PETS SHALL NOT BE PERMITTED TO LEAVE EXCREMENT ON THE LOT OR DWELLING OF ANY OTHER OWNER WITHIN ANY STREET OR PORTION OF THE COMMON AREAS AND THE OWNER OF SUCH PET SHALL IMMEDIATELY REMOVE THE SAME. Each owner shall be liable to the Association for the cost repairing any damage to the common areas caused by a pet of such owner or occupant.
  14. No trash, garbage, rubbish, or debris of any kind shall be dumped, placed or permitted to accumulate on any portion of the property.
  15. Noxious or offensive activity shall not be carried on, in or from any lot or dwelling or in any part of the common areas, and each owner and occupant shall refrain from any act or use of a lot or dwelling which could cause disorderly, unsightly, or unkept conditions.
  16. No exterior speakers, horns, whistles, bells or other sound devises, other than security and fire alarm devises and used exclusively for such purposes, shall be located, used or placed upon any lot or dwelling or other portion of the property.
  17.  Trash, garbage and any other refuse or waste shall not be kept on any lot or dwelling except in sanitary containers or garbage compactor units. GARBAGE CARTS MUST BE KEPT OUT OF VIEW FROM THE STREETS EXCEPT ON THE EVENING PRIOR TO SCHEDULED GARBAGE PICK UP AND THE DAY OF GARBAGE PICK UP. GARBAGE CARTS MUST BE RETURNED FROM VIEW OF THE STREETS THE EVENING AFTER GARBAGE IS PICKED UP BY THE CITY. Any owner or occupant who dumps, places or allows trash or debris to accumulate on his, or on any other portion of the development shall be liable to the Association for all cost incurred by the Association to remove the same. No outdoor burning of trash, garbage, leaves, wood, shrubbery or other materials shall be permitted on any lot or dwelling or other portion of the property.
  18. Mobile homes, motor homes, trailers, campers, vans, motorcycles, bicycles, motorized carts and all-terrain vehicles, lawnmowers, tractors, tools, construction machinery and equipment of any nature, golf carts, boats and any other type of water craft, including boat trailers, and any other similar types of non-passenger vehicles, machinery or equipment shall: (i) not be parked on the street at any time and (ii) not be permitted to be stored or allowed to remain on any lot, unless the same is placed, stored and maintained within a wholly enclosed structure, with roofing and doors, on such lot. Any such enclosed structure must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee.
  19. Any vehicle which is inoperable shall be immediately removed from the property. No owner or occupant shall repair or restore any vehicle, machinery or equipment of any kind upon or within the lot or dwelling or within any portion of the common areas, except (i) within enclosed garages or worships or (ii) for emergency repairs and then only to the extent necessary to enable the immediate movement thereof to a proper repair facility located outside the development.
  20. NO OTHER SIGNS OR ADVERTISING POSTERS OF ANY KIND SHALL BE MAINTAINED OR PERMITTED WITHIN ANY WINDOWS OR ON THE EXTERIOR OF ANY LOT OR DWELLING OR ELSEWHERE ON ANY DWELLING OF THE PROPERTY WITHOUT EXPRESSED WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THE ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL COMMITTEE. The approval of any signs and posters, including, without limitation, political campaign signs and name and address signs, shall be upon such conditions as may from time to time be determined by the Architectural Control Committee.
  21. No garage sales, estate sales, or commercial business activities of any kind whatsoever shall be conducted on any property that involves the advertisement or invitation of public attendance.
  22. Tennis courts are not permitted on any lots. Swimming pools, outdoor hot tubs, reflecting or fish ponds, saunas, whirlpools and lap pools may be constructed, installed and maintained only within the enclosed courtyard area of a dwelling subject to the prior written approval of the plans for the same by the Architectural Control Committee. Above ground pools shall not be permitted on any lot.

CORRECTION: Run Your Sprinkers

From Steve Tsapatoris, property manager.

Incorrect information was passed on to you in this post about running your sprinklers. Yorkshire section should be watering on Tuesday instead of Thursday. The full schedule for the Yorkshire section is Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday.

We apologize for the error.

Run Your Sprinklers

From Steve Tsapatoris, property manager.

It is extremely hot and dry, all homeowners need to be running their sprinklers. On a recent visit though the neighborhood it appears many lawns are not getting adequate water. If you live in the Cambridge section please water on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. If you live in the Yorkshire section please water on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. These days were suggested by the Association’s Lawncare contractor and will work best with the days they cut your lawn.

UPDATE: The Yorkshire schedule has been corrected per this post.