Monthly Archives: December 2017

Christmas Garbage Dumpsters

The board will be providing 6 dumpsters at the back of the neighborhood for your excess Christmas garbage. These dumpsters are NOT to be used as Christmas Tree disposal. Please place your Christmas Trees on your curb for the City of Tuscaloosa to pick up for recycling. Also, please do NOT use contractors dumpsters on homes being built, these dumpsters are NOT for personal home garbage, Christmas Tree dumping or Christmas excess garbage.

Ding Dong Ditching

In recent weeks we have had problems with children Ding, Dong Ditching around Founder’s Park. The management company has been provided videos of children ding, dong and ditching as well as pulling wires on homeowners cameras; this now becomes an issue of criminal activity when someone enters onto private property and destroys personal property. The board is asking for each homeowner to speak with their children in regards to this matter. The next step would be for the homeowners to call the police, release the videos and have the police handle this matter.

Rezoning Notice

The City of Tuscaloosa Zoning has sent out this Rezoning Notice to all property owners in and around the North of the River Area in regards to a new development of a Senior Care and Dementia Facility planned for the area. A meeting is scheduled for December 18, 2017 at 5:00 pm at the City Council Chambers.

Sherri Townsend
Homeowners Association Property Manager